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Explosive TNT Mod for Minecraft. Easy download & install

This NEW TNT Mod adds new coolest awesome and functional TNT in the Minecraft game. More TNT Mod for minecraft pe adds more than 20 new explosives to the game! Molotovs, tynker, grenades, missiles, and even a black hole! Most of the blocks will cause some kind of destructive outcome (such as huge explosions) but some of them will cause less harmful effects such as water and ice blocks being spawned or a small house generated on the explosion site. Explosives will behave differently, for instance, one will be activated on impact and the other will spawn TNT.

The TNT Mod For MCPE maybe cause really big explosions can cause some devices to lag so be careful if you are using a less powerful device! To will make your minecraft tnt run maps world even more fun and beautiful. Do you like TNT? Then make sure to download this mod / add-on as it includes several cool TNT! Try this funny mods for mcpe today! Enjoy!

Best of Features:
-️ Just search and browse what mod you love, then click Install Easy?
- Compatible with all version of MCPE
- TNT mod for mcpe One click installer
- This mod works great on multiplayer servers.

TNT Features:
- Too Much TNT Mod
- TNT of Hell
- Explosive Mod
- TNT Tag
- TNT x2 x4 x8
- Dynamite
- C4
- Napalm
- Cryocharge
- Sticky bomb
- Nuke
- Bedrock buster
- And Muhc More Mod

All new TNT mod blocks for minecraft can be accessed by using the creative inventory or you can get a crafting table to craft the TNT in survival mode (a list of recipes can be found further down) and it free.

NEW TNT Mod for Minecraft is not an application related to Mojang AB, Minecraft is the Minecraft brand and is the name and property of Minecraft Mojang AB or a respected owner. Info link Link is Here

How can download TNT MOD

You Can Download TNT MOD from this links :

android Download APK Direct adb Download APK Mod update Versions valiables

What is new in version 1.6.4

* Fixed minor bugs and optimize app for better performances!